Biozeta … synonymous with excellence!

With over 30 years of experience in the field and in research, strong of a passion that goes beyond all limits, we are proposing our advice and our products in the Green par excellence: the Golf.

For the Golf, we have designed and built a complete range of organic and mineral specific organic and solid mineral fertilizers for environmentally friendly management in line with current environmental standards (PAN).

How to make a context such as golf, an environment in which for years there has been a use (and abuse) of synthetic products, a healthy environment but still able to have beauty and playability equal or superior to chemical management? Simple!
We restore life in the soil by using special products that we have formulated, created and tested to meet the needs that a golf turf needs: very low cutting height, continuous trampling, problems caused by fungal diseases.

Thanks to us the roots of your paths will grow as you have never seen them before!
We are the only ones in Italy (and among the few in the world) able to evaluate the biological complexity of the soil; this allows to have a continuous monitoring on the effectiveness of our products and to progress in the continuous search for new solutions.

We have an internal laboratory of microbiology and we collaborate with companies and professionals of the highest order in Italy and abroad.

For the Green in particular we have organic fertilizers and fine-grained mineral organ (SGN8O), made of raw materials of the highest quality, designed for the nutrition of plants and for the regeneration of soil vitality.

Stop fertilizers with unpleasant odors, our solid fertilizers smell of cocoa!
We work for a healthy and stress-resistant turf, able to offer maximum playability, without harmful to humans and in full respect of the environment.
Below are some examples of our work.
We, we talk with the facts! Seeing is believing

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