Il mio orto

Organic fruit and vegetables of the highest quality respecting the environment and cultivated land.

Having a vegetable garden gives us the opportunity to grow the vegetables we prefer, a healthy and fun hobby that can contribute positively to the family economy.

If it is organic, the quality of the harvest will be even greater: an organic vegetable garden satisfies the palate and health!

Our products allow you to have a high level of biological fertility of the soil from which derive the productivity, quality and health of fruit and vegetables of the garden and consequently high nutritional and nutraceutical properties very important for our health.

We propose management protocols for spring and autumn organic vegetable garden that use solid natural organic fertilizers, liquids, useful microorganisms and special products allowed all in organic farming.

Advice for a vegetable garden or an organic garden.
Every season offers us fruit and vegetables useful for our health and for proper nutrition. A “homemade” organic vegetable garden is healthy and satisfying: follow us (also on Facebook) and discover Anna’s advice to get high quality organic products.

Why make an organic vegetable garden?
For our health, our satisfaction and our serenity. It is the satisfaction of producing vegetables that we will have at hand in a few weeks, ready to cook, and fresh to bring to the table. It is the certainty that they do not contain toxic residues: we have cultivated them according to nature, and grown under our eyes. It is the taste of eating a vegetable of good taste, rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for your health.

What does a Bio vegetable garden mean?
Cultivate the garden following the natural laws that regulate life. Our intervention is limited to restoring a natural balance between land and plant. In the soil the plants root, find the nutrients and the protection necessary to develop and produce.

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