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Welcome to the “Anna’s Advice” section.
But … who is Anna?
Anna is a supporting column of Biozeta; agronomist of experience, passionate traveler, mother, friend and nature lover.
The “Anna’s advice” is the section dedicated to all those who love their garden / garden and who want to make it 100% organic.
Anna, through her advice, will explain how to make an organic vegetable garden through various episodes, which you can find on our website.
For any questions or concerns, write us to our email or Facebook, we will be happy to answer you!
In October, Anna explains to us what the soil is made of and how it “lives”, find out here now!

Pay attention to the rains!

Anna starts to get cold and puts on the sweatshirt …
We must do the same with our plants; this because they too are in stress due to the sudden climate change and they risk getting sick!
This morning the first white spots of mold appeared on the zucchini (oidium).
Caution is needed when the rains alternate with sunny days because they can stimulate the development of fungal diseases in the leaves and in the collar of salads.
To prevent them we can make garden and garden plants more resistant by spraying them with our biological resistance products.

Last week of September!

Plants feel the influence of the waning moon and root more strongly: it is time to transplant new plants in the garden and garden and there is also the possibility of repotting on balconies and terraces.
Anna advises to plant bulbous plants, such as: hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and the wonderful crocus, with a wild character. They will bring us a beautiful stain of color in the garden or on the windowsill; especially in February.
The tuberose are buried at 7-8 cm of depth, let’s not forget to add organic fertilizer because they love the fertile land, ventilated and well drained

What to grow?

In the autumn we grow short cycle species, those that are harvested in 30 – 70 days from the transplant, which require little care, such as salad, radicchio, radishes, beets, fennel, carrots, onions, cabbage, cauliflower and spinach!

When to prepare the autumn vegetable garden?

After the second half of August. Buy our complete kit for a high quality organic vegetable garden, covering an area of 100 sq.m!

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