Chi siamo

Innovative systems and products for environmentally friendly farming

Biozeta produces and distributes special products, designed and developed for use in organic and conventional agriculture, in the organic vegetable garden and in the natural garden.

Oriented towards innovation and development, it carries out research and experiments in the use of innovative products that respect the soil and the environment, in the application of natural remedies for the cultivation and defense of plants, enhancing the use of quality organic matrices.

The research produces an articulated range of phytostimulant liquid fertilizers, organic fertilizers and soil improvers, fertilizers based on agronomically useful microorganisms, united by in-depth research into the product and its applications, high matrix quality and proven efficacy.

Biozeta chooses to use and develop products based on organic quality matrices because organic integration in the cultivation gives greater agronomic effectiveness with less impact on the environment.

Discover our products for your vegetable garden or garden, or if you are a professional farmer our liquid, solid fertilizers, exceptional mycorrhizae and natural phytotherapies.

Discover our products for your vegetable garden or garden