Research, experimentation and innovation.

This is what we do every day in our laboratory.
Conducted with great passion by Dr. Strohmenger (over 30 years of experience in research abroad) our laboratory checks the quality of our products every day and allows us to identify and study soil microorganisms.
Organic Golf, Organic Green and Organic Farming are scientifically proven and supported by continuous research.

Within the Laboratory we evaluate the biological vitality of the soil in the different samples we take; with it we can evaluate the relationship between bacteria and fungi and therefore modify our products to make it possible to integrate in the soil what is needed to make it as complete and diversified as possible.

A complex and full of life is the key to stimulate the plant to develop an important root system: a real weapon against any kind of disease.
Our laboratory is the perfect forge to express our unique and decades of know-how.

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