My garden

It’s nice to have a cozy and colorful garden, with flower beds, bushes and lush plants, as well as a soft green lawn on which to walk barefoot. Organizing the garden stimulates our creativity, and we will enjoy the result when we spend relaxing moments in a real personalized oasis.


What distinguishes the organic BIOZETA garden is the possibility to share, with our family and friends, a green space where biological products are used, 100% natural origin that do not cause allergies.
You can play on the grass, which will be frequented by butterflies and other pollinating insects, always looking for flowers.
A biological lawn has many advantages: it requires less use of water, is more resistant to extreme summer and winter temperatures, does not appear rotten or dry spots, is green and beautiful.
Our BIOZETA team carries out constant research to provide its customers with high quality products.
We work with passion and high professionalism to test the quality and produce our products in our laboratory.

Why make an organic garden?
To have an ideal space where children and pets can play without any counter-indication or risk of contaminants and poisonings.
In order to spend pleasant moments surrounded by beautiful plants, which have abundant and lasting blooms, aware of being in a harmonious place, in line with nature, which has favorable effects on our psychophysical health.

How to manage an organic garden?
To set the garden must create the conditions for a good development of the plants.
If we take a cue from nature, for example from a forest, we will notice that the earth is dark, has a characteristic aroma and a fertility that grows and flowers the plants annually in complete harmony with the season. So, in the biological garden we will be bringing in the soil the ingredients that create fertility conditions similar to those of the forest.
After transplanting the plants and sowing the lawn, we will take care to nourish them and make them resistant to any difficulty. A garden, unlike the forest, is an artificial environment and occupies a limited space, so its natural balance must be maintained. Our intervention must not be intrusive and for this reason we have created very simple management protocols that you can easily learn by following us on the site. Our products are found online.

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