Frequent ask questions

Does Biozeta guarantee the result?

Yes, we guarantee excellent results in every field of use of our products.

Does Biozeta support me in the use of the products I purchase?

Yes, we follow the customer in every step until the goals are achieved.

Does Biozeta use certified products and suppliers?

Yes, our suppliers must meet certified and environmentally sustainable quality criteria.

Does Biozeta also target small consumers?

Yes, even the private individual can find suitable solutions for a convenient and high quality vegetable garden or garden, but it is not possible at the moment to buy directly from us but only by telephone.

Are Biozeta products compatible with my pets?

Yes, our products are completely natural and have no contraindication, both for people and for our animal friends.

Does Biozeta support projects for the environment and the sustainable economy?

Yes, our mission is the creation of products to be used in harmony with the environment, and we collaborate with green-oriented production companies.